Tamper Proof Prescription Pads

Introducing tamper-resistant prescription pads with over ten security features that exceed Medicare and Medicaid requirements. Learn more »

  • Easy, Online Ordering
  • Multiple Locations and/or Multiple Doctors
  • Instant Proofs
  • Quick Delivery
  • Printed within 5 Days after Proof Approval

Check out this video on Regency’s tamper proof prescription pad program. Choose from 10 security features that follow Federal guidelines and see how you can order your custom pads within minutes.

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Personalized Medical Scrubs

What you wear says a lot about your practice…Make sure your scrubs are sending the best message!

  • Embroidered with your logo and/or name
  • All sizes up to 5XL
  • Various colors
  • Materials available to meet all regulations
  • Accessories, shoes, lab coats and more available!
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Advice for Choosing the Best Scrubs…

Ever notice that the colors you wear can affect your mood and that of those around you? Follow this link to read helpful tips about choosing scrub colors… Learn more »

Create a Company Store

Does your office have scrub requirements? Building a company store makes it easy for everyone to meet those standards. Allow your employees to browse and buy, and we’ll take care of the rest! Learn more »