Tamper Proof Prescription Pads

Introducing tamper-resistant prescription pads with over ten security features that exceed Medicare and Medicaid requirements. Learn more »

  • Easy, Online Ordering
  • Multiple Locations and/or Multiple Doctors
  • Instant Proofs
  • Quick Delivery
  • Printed within 5 Days after Proof Approval

Check out this video on Regency’s tamper proof prescription pad program. Choose from 10 security features that follow Federal guidelines and see how you can order your custom pads within minutes.

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Personalized Medical Scrubs

What you wear says a lot about your practice…Make sure your scrubs are sending the best message!

  • Embroidered with your logo and/or name
  • All sizes up to 5XL
  • Various colors
  • Materials available to meet all regulations
  • Accessories, shoes, lab coats and more available!
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Advice for Choosing the Best Scrubs…

Ever notice that the colors you wear can affect your mood and that of those around you? Follow this link to read helpful tips about choosing scrub colors… Learn more »

Create a Company Store

Does your office have scrub requirements? Building a company store makes it easy for everyone to meet those standards. Allow your employees to browse and buy, and we’ll take care of the rest! Learn more »

Writing Instruments Guide for Health Care Facilities


A Writing Instrument Guide for Health Care Facilities

  • Features Paper Mate’s revolutionary InkJoy™ writing system, giving you the best in effortless writing
  • The InkJoy writing system starts quickly without dragging,requires minimal pressure from your hand, and delivers crisp, clean lines every time
  • Combines an hourglass shape with rubberized grip to provide comfort and control
  • Solid metal accents provide long-lasting durability
Item # Description Qty. List Price
PAP 1781580 White Barrel, Black EA $1.95
PAP 1781581 White Barrel, Blue EA $1.95
PAP 1781573 Black Barrel, Black EA $1.95
PAP 1781586 White barrel, Assorted 4/PK $7.90

Assorted 4/PK Includes: 2 Black, Blue and Red

Gel Pens

  • Features uni Super Ink™ specially-formulated to become trapped in paper, helping prevent document alteration and prescription fraud
  • Archival quality and acid-free ink, great for charting and signing important documents
Item # Description Qty. List Price
0.7 mm, Medium Point
SAN 33950 Black EA $2.43
SAN 33951 Blue EA $2.43
SAN 33952 Red EA $2.43
SAN 70221 Purple EA $2.43
SAN 40110 Assorted 8/PK $19.46
SAN 1739929 Assorted, Fashion Barrels 8/PK $19.46

Assorted 8/PK Includes: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink and Light Blue


  • Just what the doctor ordered for marking just about everything at work from medical labels to patient wrist bands
  • Just click and mark whatever you want with no cap to lose
Item # Description Qty. List Price
Fine Point
SAN 32701 Black EA $2.81
SAN 32703 Blue EA $2.81
SAN 32702 Red EA $2.81
SAN 32730PP Assorted 8/PK $22.23
SAN 32707 Assorted 12/PK $33.35

Assorted 8/PK Includes: Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime, Orange, Red and Berry

Assorted 12/PK Inlcudes: Black, Navy, Blue, Turquoise, Aqua, Green, Lime, Orange, Berry, Plum, Red and Purple

Dry Erase

  • Easy open. Easy Close.
  • Just click and write on all of your unique dry erase boards, in patient rooms, nursing stations, ER and more
Item # Description Qty. List Price
Chisel Point
SAN 1741920 Black DZ $30.24
SAN 1741918 Black 3/PK $7.56
SAN 1741919 Assorted – 3 Colors 3/PK $7.56
SAN 1751662 Starter Set ST $15.77

Assorted 3/PK Includes: Black, Blue and Red

Starter Set Includes: 3 Markers: Black, Blue and Red, 20ct Wipes and Eraser